American Crew


Mugsy's Barbershop offers the full American Crew hair product line for men. Noted for its high quality, the American Crew line includes: shampoos, gels, hair styling products and more. If you’re looking for great hair products, look no futher than Mugsy's and American Crew. 



Treat your favorite person to a unique brand of massage with an electric massager by Oster. This hand held massager straps onto your hand to offer the most exhilarating massage imaginable used by the barbers at Mugsy's Barber Shop. This brings back that old school experience that has made our Barbershop famous 

Flash Back from Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color


Designed specifically for men, Flash Back discreetly conquers gray and white hair with natural looking, lived-in results in just 10 minutes. Want to look younger? Come to Mugsy's and we will make it happen!!! 

Johnny B Hair Gel


Johnny B, products the master of styling technology, creates a new gel "Mode". Mode is thick, very, very thick. For maximum control without flaking. This alcohol free formula provides all day hold and rinses easily without build up. The best gel in Cave Creek

Satin Smooth Single Wax Warmer


A salon essential, our Professional Single Wax Warmer uses state-of-the-art engineering to heat wax quickly and evenly.

NINE by American Crew


Out of the five senses, scent is the one that is most connected to memory and can evoke the strongest feelings. With this in mind, American Crew set out to create a men’s fragrance that would elicit a powerful reaction from women.

It’s a tough concoction to mix. A smell that attracts women. But that’s exactly what American Crew did. We’ve developed a fragrance that women love, almost universally. In fact, 9 out of 10 women say they like the smell of our new men’s fragrance.

How did we do it? It took a lot of research to figure out the chemistry of chemistry—what attracts a woman to a man. What do women like? Do different women like different smells? How do we use science to enhance a woman’s attraction to a man? After nearly a year of trial and error we finally cracked the code and are ready to introduce Nine, the new men’s fragrance from American Crew.